Hello my friend

Thank you for being here.

My name is Allie. I am an artist and professional graphic designer, painter, aspiring illustrator, indoor rock climber, single bisexual, cat mom, music lover, gut spilling, mountain hiking lady living in Portland, OR.

This is my first ever newsletter (hoo boy). Here are some topics you should expect to read about:

  • Being a graphic designer and an artist at the same time

  • Getting paid for art

  • Gut feelings

  • Courage

  • Trying and failing at new things

  • Where to find inspiration

  • Tips on painting with acrylica gouache

  • Nature

  • Dating maybe?

  • “This is going to make me look stupid but I’m doing it anyway”

How do I access this newsletter?

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Is it free?

Yes! Maybe some day I’ll set up rewards for subscribers but for now, it’s free. And, you know, casual.

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